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Known throughout the world as one of the finest residential communities in the United States, Grosse Pointe evolved from the farms of the early French settlers, thus the origin of the French names of many of its streets. Later came the turn of the century summer homes, followed by the halcyon days of the lumber and automotive pioneers who built their stately mansions along the seven mile shore line of Lake St. Clair. In addition to its scenic beauty, the lake provides a temperate climate; cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. The lake is one of the most active small boat recreational centers in America.

The first impression of Grosse Pointe will be of its many fine homes of pleasing and varied architecture with abundant trees and shrubbery. Grosse Pointe is largely a community of single family homes. There are few multiple dwellings, no high rises, and no manufacturing activities. Stores and multiple dwellings are confined to specialized streets.

Grosse Pointe, as the community is commonly called, is actually made up of five autonomous communities. Each has its own elected municipal authorities, excellent police and fire departments, and municipal lake front park for the exclusive use of its residents.

Carefully zoned, there is no industry in the Grosse Pointes, but there are churches for many denominations. Three excellent hospitals offer residents the most up-to-date medical equipment and techniques.

The Grosse Pointes are serviced by one educational system administered by a citizen elected Board of Education. There are nine elementary schools, three middle schools, two senior high schools, and three libraries. All students attend school in their neighborhood. Enjoying a reputation as one of the outstanding school districts in Michigan, students participate in the National Merit Scholarship and Advanced Placement programs. Achievement test scores are consistently among the highest in the state.

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